Bullet Girls


Bullet Girls NoNpDrm Download | revolves around a group of high school girls whom are part of their school’s Ranger Club, alternately known as the Ranger Corps, which trains them on using weapons and different types of military missions used on battlefields. There are a variety of missions within the game ranging from offensive to defensive, each with a variety of objectives, which include wiping out enemy forces, reaching a specific point on the map, collecting items and teaming up with other club members who will then engage in combat with the player.

Release Date: Aug 09, 2018
Genre: Third Person Shooting
Publisher: D3 Publisher
Developer: Shade
Region: JPN (Region free)
Language: ENG Patch
Platform: PS VITA
Game ID: PCSH10099
Rom Type: VPK/MAI/NoNpDrm
Download Links: 766 MB

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MEGA DRIVE Download Links:

Bullet Girls – USA  (766 MB)


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Bullet Girls – USA  (766 MB)

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